After seven hours of waiting, CR7 can’t provide a luxury car

After seven hours of waiting, CR7 can't provide a luxury car

In addition to collecting trophies, goals, records and shirtless celebrations, Cristiano Ronaldo is also known for his collection of luxury cars. But even the Manchester United player has been caught up in the UK’s supply crunch. According to the English newspaper “The Sun”, employees of the company, Robozao, had given up refueling one of their cars after waiting for nearly seven hours.

The newspaper claims that two security guards who work with the Portuguese star arrived at a gas station to supply fuel for the player’s Bentley car, worth 250 thousand euros, around two o’clock in the afternoon on Wednesday. After more than six hours of waiting, the player’s staff left the scene without being able to fill the tank of the car.

According to the newspaper, one of the men was driving a Bentley while another was escorting the car in a Range Rover.

Even if the fuel did reach the scene, the publication of “The Sun” highlights that CR7’s security guards will only be able to put 30 pounds into the tank, due to the identification of private gas stations facing a crisis.

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