After setting up a plan against Andre, Mahmoud is the first to be ousted from No Limite TV News

After setting up a plan against Andre, Mahmoud is the first to be ousted from No Limite TV News

Mahmoud Baydoun He was the first to be excluded from At limit 5. The sexologist tried to persuade his colleagues in the Kalango tribe to eliminate Andre MartinelliBut the bullet backfired and was knocked out of the Tuesday night survival contest (11).

Once they returned to the camp after defeating the immunity test, the Kalango members began to speak out the voices, especially Mahmoud who felt extremely threatened.

First, try to design opposing voices Carol Bixinho, And promised Angelica Ramos I could persuade him Glacey Damascino e Caesar Dadur To face the digital influencer.

But when he spoke to the BBB18 champion, he discovered that Carroll was not in the race and quickly directed his forces against Andre. Gleesy, Caesar and Mahmoud voted for the model, but the rest of the cast were against the sexologist, who was said to be the weakest and least devoted to evidence.

The first show with confusion and strife

Kalango members took the lead in the reality show’s first episode, But they were quickly overtaken by Carcara’s rivals in the first race of the season. Thus, the Ariadna Arantes e Gilherme Napolitano She managed to stay in the best camp in the program, while Baydoun and her companions faced more strife.

On the second day of booking, the teams encountered proof of privileges. Previous BBBs I had to drive a raft on a circuit in the sand. However, every season, people and heavy objects were put on the ship, which made the race even more difficult.

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Team Calango won this stage, which provided access to kits of food and items needed to survive. Provocation Angelica Iris StefanelliWhich irritated the blonde and actually increased the tension.

After that, the participants faced proof of immunity, in Which all members of each team were tied up and needed to run together, While each carries a 5 kg sac.

Jessica Muller, From Calango, dropped a bag on the ground, causing the team to be knocked out of the dispute and the team to go to the Elimination Gate, with Mahmoud the most voted to leave the attraction

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