After PF flags crime, PGR asks for another 60 days to investigate Bolsonaro’s speech linking Covid vaccine to AIDS, highlights G1 – Agência AIDS

On Monday (29), the attorney general’s office defended that the Federal Supreme Court extended investigations against President Jair Bolsonaro for another 60 days for falsely linking the Covid-19 vaccine to an AIDS risk.

The extension was filed after the federal police concluded that the president committed incitement to the crime and asked the Supreme Court for permission to charge Bolsonaro and take his testimony.

In a statement to the Supreme Court, the Deputy Attorney General of the Republic, Lindora Araujo, said that the pending investigation actions indicated by the Palestinian police – such as the request for information on social networks – justify the extension of the investigation.

“It is relevant to support the analysis and deliberations by the Office of the Prosecutor, as it will provide better details of the realistic scenario and its circumstances, in particular with possible new causes and evidence to be presented by the President of the Republic regarding the facts investigated, pursuant to Article 85 of the Normative Instructions DF/PF n 108/20163. Based on the foregoing, the Federal Prosecutor’s Office supports an additional extension of this period for a period of 60 (sixty) days, in order to fulfill the aforementioned jurisprudence.”

Among the pending actions, the deputy attorney general cited testimony from President Jair Bolsonaro. In practice, Lindora has indicated that he is in favor of the police hearing the president – but stressed that it is up to the rapporteur to analyze whether he authorizes the action.

In addition, the deputy attorney general argued that instructions from the police allow, after the indictment, investigators to request or provide new evidence – which has not yet been presented to Bolsonaro.

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live and investigate

The relationship the president has established is not the truth. The National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa) and other health authorities have already made clear that vaccines do not cause disease. On the contrary, they prevent pollution.

Bolsonaro made the false association between the Covid vaccine and the risk of AIDS in a live broadcast on social media on October 21 last year.

In the report sent to the STF, the PF wrote that Bolsonaro’s behavior had prompted viewers of the live broadcast to violate health standards set by the government itself. In that case, get the vaccine.

Deputy Lorena Lima Nascimento, who is in charge of the case, has asked the STF for permission to indict Bolsonaro and Lt. Mauro Ced, who helped the president produce the material released in the live broadcast.

In the Penal Code, incitement to crime is an illegal behavior that can lead to imprisonment from three to six months.

Bolsonaro cited alleged official reports from the UK live. For the Palestinian police, the president “freely, voluntarily and consciously publishes information that does not correspond to the original text of its source, which may cause the absence of a danger risk to onlookers.”

source: st 1

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