After missing a penalty … United goalkeeper’s wife is sexually assaulted | international

After missing a penalty ... United goalkeeper's wife is sexually assaulted |  international


Villarreal became the European champions, the first title in the club’s history – after a stunning final against him. Manchester United
. With a score of 1 to 1 in the 90 minutes of the match, the match went into extra time and then into a violent penalty shootout, with 22 shots fired.

England goalkeeper, David de Gea
(One of the UK’s richest men), he failed to catch any of Villarreal’s finishes, and to make matters worse, he had to beat a penalty kick. Result: Geronimo Roli rescue.

(See photos of announcer and singer Edurne in the gallery below)

After the failure, social media did not forgive de Gea, his wife dragged Edorn in with a mud of comments, provocations, memes as well as sexual and biased messages.

In the face of all that avalanche, it didn’t take long for it to explode. During the night, the singer published on her Twitter account the situation. “Once again, it appears today that there is a lot to be done in society to combat masculinity,” he noted.

Since then, it has also received a flurry of support from many internet users, who denounced sexism and lamented it.

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