After iOS 14.5, iPhone unlocks with Starbucks Cup

Less than a week after Apple released the update to the new operating system for iPhones, iOS 14.5 is already causing controversy in the social networks. Among other news, Face ID is now unlocking the device even if the owner wears a mask, as long as it’s connected to his Apple Watch – a practical measure in Covid-19 times.

The problem is that the tool searches for and recognizes a face that is not necessarily the face of the device owner, which could indicate a potential security breach. A Brazilian showed that even the mermaid of the Starbucks logo was able to confuse the facial recognition in Iphone After the update.

With iOS 14.5, the watch vibrates warning that someone has unlocked the iPhone with a mask. If you are not the owner prison cellThen, there is a feature on Apple Watch that allows instant shutdown and requires a password on the next attempt.

But the new tool doesn’t only activate with human faces. On Friday (30), graphic designer Willian Max, 28, shared on Twitter a video of the moment he was able to unlock his device’s screen using a Starbucks mug.

Willian said tilt That while sitting on the bed and drinking coffee, the iPhone unlocked several times “by itself”. “I was skeptical about the mug because I remembered that the iOS photo algorithm identified the mermaid in Starbucks as a ‘face’ in my photos,” he says. Try to repeat the failure with other cups without a logo and nothing happened.

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The designer also tried to unlock the iPhone with a mug without an Apple Watch, using traditional Face ID – which doesn’t work for people who wear a mask – and realized the system didn’t mistake the glass for a face. It also tried to register the mug as if it were a face in Face ID, but the system didn’t allow it.

Application developer a program Store, Willian doesn’t think it’s a security breach. “Most likely, it appears to be a flaw in the algorithm that detects ‘masked people’ and decides whether you want to use Face ID or the Apple Watch,” he commented. “[Para invadir o iPhone] Someone will need to know my Apple Watch password to activate it, as it locks automatically when I remove it from my arm. ”

Sought, Apple’s press office did not comment on the issue until the report was closed.

How to unlock or use an iPhone mask

To unlock iPhone screen with face recognition without removing the mask, you must install iOS 14.5. You also need to configure your Apple Watch with a password and update it to watchOS 7.4.

With the watch on your arm, go to cell phone settings, in the “Face ID and Code” option. Enter your cell phone password, search for the “Unlock with Apple Watch” section and enable it. There, the feature is activated.

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