After “cheating” the Apocalypse, Yvette faces explosion, pepper spray, and the Crooked Trio · TV News

After “cheating” the Apocalypse, Yvette faces explosion, pepper spray, and the Crooked Trio · TV News

Ivete Sangalo was shocked by the explosion of a carbon dioxide cylinder during her trio's procession along the Dodo Circuit, in Salvador, on Monday (12). The singer also said that the smoke above her trio made her think she was in an episode of Dragon's Cave (1982-1985). “God forbid,” he shot.

Two people suffered minor injuries to the arm and eye, and were treated immediately. Masitando's voice said in an interview with G1: “What a ridiculous fear. I thought it was the Dragon's Cave, God forbid. I guess I'm a trifle.”

Yvette also had issues with weight gain during the show, which caused her trio to lean to the left side. Some guests, such as Melede Mihalyi and Giuliana Paiva, had to get out of the car and stay on the ground.

Earlier, the translator explained that her voice was affected by pepper spray used by police officers to contain a disturbance in the Barra-Ondina circuit.

“Pepper spraying others is refreshing. Then we'll start, I'll keep singing and warming up, and obviously you'll be singing like hell,” she asked, bringing the revelers to their feet. .

Understand the issue

Baby do Brasil had major repercussions at this carnival after trying to deliver a religious sermon during the Ivete Sangallo show in the early hours of Sunday (11), at the El Salvador carnival. She started saying that the kidnapping and the end of the world were near, and was cut off by the singer – who stated that she would cheat on the end of the world. This Monday, Baby explained why he made his religious prophecy on Yvette's show.

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In a video clip posted on social media, singer Novus Pianos spoke about the case. She received a lot of criticism for her attitude, which Yvette's fans considered disrespectful and uncomfortable.

“when [o trio] I was pausing, and in my right ear I heard the Father saying: “Speak, say everything now.” What can I do guys? I am a matrix. “I must obey,” she explained, “and I obeyed.”

“These are things I heard a long time ago, and my mouth spoke of the end of the world and the rapture. I want to tell you this: the world is crazy. The end of the world must happen, and there is no way around it. “It's the only way God can intervene in the middle of the Earth, because the fallen angels are already here, it's already become the area,” Beebe said.

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