After Bonner’s announcement, Renata Vasconcelos emotionally closes the newspaper

After Bonner's announcement, Renata Vasconcelos emotionally closes the newspaper

During the issue of “Journal Nacional” on Thursday the 10th of this month, William Bonner announced the new frame of the television news “Fatos e Pessoa”, which will be shown behind the scenes for journalists from Globe, including phonetics exchanged with relatives and friends of professionals. Immediately after the announcement, JN professionals appeared behind the camera on TV. Renata Vasconcelos closed the newspaper, tears in her eyes.

Credit: Reproduction/TV GloboAfter Bonner’s announcement, Renata Vasconcelos emotionally closes the newspaper

“We journalists provide news that we experience ourselves. We are journalists. And we are here for you, for our country and for every one of us. This is our mission. This is how we can help,” said the presenter, visibly shaken at the end a program.

Before Renata became sentimental, Bonner explained the motive behind creating and displaying the painting, in order to bring people closer to journalists.

“Professional duty has not kept us away from the fears, anxieties and afflictions common to all. The journalist works hard, immerses himself in the news, fulfills the duty to inform. Journalists can even convey an image that they are doing everything as easily as if they were indomitable, without fear of illness, without fatigue , without homesickness, but no,” Bonner said.

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