After Attacking Record, Rodrigo Faro Quickly Edits A Fazenda · TV News

After Attacking Record, Rodrigo Faro Quickly Edits A Fazenda · TV News

Can Hora de Faro Sunday (9) Another program paralyzed by a hacker attack Which brought Systems Records live this weekend. Rodrigo Farrow’s allure was only able to show the taped interview with Rosian Pinheiro because the release was made in a hastily used production company on Saturday (8), shortly after Fala Brasil closed early.

a the news He found that Faro’s team quickly organized themselves so as not to fail to show The chat was recorded on Friday (7), with Fazenda 14which will open up to viewers the problem that Recorde faced this weekend – the broadcaster has not, so far, commented on the alleged hacker attack.

But Fei Dar Namuro did not have the same “luck”. The clip that opened Sunday was replayed in Hora de Faro, with a version originally broadcast in April. The never-before-seen content about the reality show was shown more than two hours after the show started.

The entire system used nationally by Record-controlled headquarters is now offlineThis made it impossible for professionals to include and work on their reports to be broadcast this weekend.

Facing the emergency, Fala Brasil was interrupted at 9:06 a.m. Saturday, episodes Series Everyone Hates Kris (2005-2009) was shown instead. The live program resumed at noon, with the program A Escola do Amor, from the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God. During the afternoon, the general balance passed normally, but it invested more in the live broadcast and did not show the reports that were planned.

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