After a wrong dose, CRM investigates a complaint about a fake doctor in the hospital

After a wrong dose, CRM investigates a complaint about a fake doctor in the hospital

Boliviano acted without registering with CRM; The hospital claims it was only helping the doctors on duty

The prescription states that the doctor used the protocol as a record on the medical board. (photo: clone)

CRM-MS (Regional Council of Medicine of Mato Grosso do Sul) has investigated the complaint of a doctor who worked without registration in a hospital in Sidrolândia, a municipality 71 kilometers from Campo Grande, during the afternoon of Tuesday (2).

As the report found, Bolivian Marcos de Souza Barbosa, 42, will work at Beneficent Dona Elmíria Silvério Barbosa Hospital without registering with the Regional Council. The document is considered mandatory for practicing medicine in the country.

When conducting a search, the name of the professional and the protocol on his seal does not appear in the search for doctors registered with the Council of Mato Grosso do Sul. The investigation began after a complaint that a doctor had prescribed high doses of antibiotics to a 5-year-old.

The platform of qualified professionals by the entity shows that the Bolivian doctor is not registered. (photo: clone)

In a note, the head of CRM-MS, José Jailson de Araújo Lima, confirmed the examination at the hospital. In the statement, the entity only indicates that it is working with authorities to gather more information about the case.

Last Tuesday (25), it was Campo Grande News I received an anonymous complaint about the conduct of the professional through the channel straight from the streets. One of the nurses working in the hospital said, anonymously, that the Bolivian does not know the basic elements of patient care.

“He got simple things wrong, like the names of the medicines and the doses. We started to get suspicious after the consultation [da criança] and refer this situation to the Board of Directors.”

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the other side – On the phone, the hospital spokesman said that the Bolivian doctor was on his way to apply to the board, and that the specialist helped the doctors only during the period of a large influx of patients.

“He stayed here until his procedure, but no, at no point did he act like a doctor. He accompanied the doctors on duty, but he didn’t move,” the press office said.

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