Adrian Gallisto says she discovered a previous betrayal in a bakery

Adrian Gallisto says she discovered a previous betrayal in a bakery

Adriane Galisteu told a strange story on her channel. According to the announcer, about 20 years ago, she was in a bakery when she found out about her ex-boyfriend’s infidelity.

Galisteo says he was already suspicious of the boy’s infidelity and that he was in a “shattered relationship, ended, all wrong.” The actress then decided to ask a friend to go out and try to find her boyfriend. Unsuccessfully, after several laps around the edge of Barra da Tijuca, in Rio de Janeiro, he decided to stop at a bakery for a snack.

Suddenly, an angel entered the bakery. … he could have been an envoy from God at that time. She hugged me like she was my best friend and I hugged my friend too. She looked at her and said, “Hey, Galesto.” I said hello.’ I thought she’d ask for a picture. “It is of value.” And the seriousness dropped immediately. […] I said: I do not understand. […] I don’t think I really appreciated myself, and this woman saw something different about me. […] ‘like him?’. She said: Yes, [seu namorado] Are there with some of my friends.

After being asked about information about a woman-friendly “whereabouts” of a woman, Galisto hugged her and went looking for the boy. But the star avoided catching him and only asked her friend to confirm the presence of her partner in the place that the “stranger” had indicated in the bakery. After receiving a positive response, he decides to go home and end the relationship.

“The tension is gone, the anger is gone, the sadness is gone. I’m back to where I am. It seems that at that moment it exploded, Galisto entered the body. I said,” You know? Playing at home, “said Galisto,” all the things that belong to the citizen in those black garbage bags, I put everything inside, the entrance. “

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The presenter of “Power Couple” says that she regrets not asking for the name and phone number of “bakery angel” and made a plea: “You watch the video, who had this experience with me and with a friend in a bakery in Rio de Janeiro, you can search for me.”

watching video

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