Adidas Sports Bra ads are banned in the UK

Adidas Sports Bra ads are banned in the UK

The company’s promotional products for its sports bras feature a series of photos of bare breasts of many women. (Credit: Reproduction / Exposure)

Adidas, which displays images of bare breasts, has been banned in the UK by the Advertising Standards Authority, a company that regulates advertising. Among the promotional items for the clothing company’s sports bras released in February were photos of several women with bare breasts. The images, which appeared in one tweet and two posters, highlight Adidas’ efforts to meet body diversity and all shapes and sizes.

The ASA said it had received 24 complaints about the ads. According to an ASA decision released on Wednesday, the 11th, the use of nudity was seen by some as unnecessary, sexually abusive and degrading to women. Others questioned whether the poster ads were appropriate. By children.

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Both complaints were confirmed and the official said the ads were not expected to reappear in the complained media. “The purpose of the advertisements is to vary the shape and size of women’s breasts, which is appropriate for advertised sports bras,” the ASA said.

The official said he did not think the way the women were portrayed was explicitly sexual or objective. But he added: “We consider depicting bare breasts to be seen as bare naked. The accompanying text.

The ASA added: “Because of the sheer nudity in the ads, we felt we had to carefully target them to avoid offending viewers.”

Adidas supported the campaign.

In a statement on Thursday, Adidas said: “The gallery’s creative breasts are designed to show just how different they are, with different shapes and sizes to illustrate why personalized support is important.

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“It is important to note that the ASA decision is more about creativity and message, rather than the indifferent use of this creativity.”

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