Adidas sports bra ads are banned in the UK

Adidas sports bra ads are banned in the UK

Adidas commercials showing images of bare breasts have been banned in the UK by the Advertising Standards Authority, the agency that regulates advertising. The clothing company's promotional materials for sports bras, released in February, included a grid of photographs of several women's bare breasts. The images, which appeared in a tweet and two posters, aim to highlight body diversity and Adidas' efforts to cater to all shapes and sizes.

The ASA said it had received 24 complaints about the ads. Some considered the use of nudity gratuitous, with women objectified by being sexualized and reduced to body parts, according to the ASA decision, published on Wednesday 11. Others questioned whether the poster ads were appropriate to display where children could see them. .

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The authority said that the two complaints were upheld, and the advertisements should not appear again in the media outlets that were complained of. The ASA said it “realised that the intent of the advertisements was to show that women's breasts vary in shape and size, which is relevant to the sports bras advertised”.

The official said he did not believe the way the women were portrayed was sexually explicit or objectifying. But he added: “We consider that the depiction of bare breasts is likely to be perceived as explicit nudity. Accompanying text.”

“As the ads contain explicit nudity, we considered they required careful targeting to avoid offending those who viewed them,” the ASA added.

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Adidas supported the campaign.

“The creative exhibition is designed to showcase how diverse breasts are, and features different shapes and sizes that highlight why personal support is so important,” Adidas said in a statement on Thursday.

“It is important to note that the ASA’s decision is about using this design in a non-targeted way, rather than using the design itself and the message, which we proudly stand behind.”

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