Actress Globo shows bruises and denounces transphobia in Karaiva

Actress Globo shows bruises and denounces transphobia in Karaiva

Marcella Maya writes: “Bias exists. Watch out. No land, no power.”

Actress Marcela Maia denounced in posts on a social network that she was a victim of transphobia in Caraeva, in the city of Porto Seguro, south of Bahia. She showed pictures of her with bruises in the neck and shoulders.

“The prejudice is there,” he wrote. “Watch out. No land, no power. I’m alive.” “My body doesn’t deserve this,” he added, using the hashtag “transphobia.” The attack took place at dawn on Wednesday (22), but the actress did not publish details about the situation or who attacked her.

Later, Marcella submitted a leaflet in which she appeared in a specialized police station in the city, where she went to register the incident.

The actress’ team released a note on social media about the issue. “Maya has registered a police report at the police station in Porto Seguro, Bahia. The actress’s lawyer has been contacted and the case will be referred to court. We will soon publish a public note with details of what happened. Marcella Maya’s team,” the letter says. The text also stated that “the actress is safe at the moment and all legal measures are being taken.”

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Marcela will participate in the upcoming opera Globo at 19:00, “Quanto Mais Vida Melhor”. Last year, in an interview with columnist Patricia Cogot, she stated that at first she had been hiding that she was a transgender woman. “No one knew I was a transgender woman. I think it’s an intimate thing. I don’t walk around asking people what’s between their legs. I have to prove I’m enough without saying I’m trans. But five years ago I was on the move. I walked out of the cabinet. I spoke Publicly for the first time. Today I speak with pride.”

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