Acre receives a new batch of 3,200 doses of CoronaVac for the second application acre

Acre receives a new batch of 3,200 doses of CoronaVac for the second application  acre

Acre received a new batch of vaccine to immunize the population against Covid-19 on Saturday (8). The nineteenth batch brought in 3,200 doses of CoronaVac, developed by the Chinese Sinovac laboratory, only to apply the second dose.

On Friday (7), the Ministry of Health announced that it has sent more than a million doses to states to implement the second phase of immunization on people.

On Thursday (6), Acre received more than 13.3 thousand doses of the Oxford / AstraZeneca vaccination device in the eighteenth batch sent by the Ministry of Health. Three days ago, in the second (3), the first batch of the vaccine arrived. Pfizer is in the state of Acre.

There are 3,200 doses of CoronaVac for the second application – Photo: Júnior Aguiar / Secom

In the capital of Acre, the Health Secretariat (SMSA) has informed that it has a guaranteed vaccination device for the second dose. “We never use our doses in the first application, we have doses in stock,” Secretary Frank Lima summarizes.

According to the State Department of Health (Sesacre), the second intake is for the first dose of immunization. Pfizer vaccine was only distributed in Rio Branco due to the storage process. The capital of Acre began vaccination with the vaccine on Friday (7).

The ideal interval is 28 days between doses of CoronaVac. A study by Butantan showed that the vaccine efficacy was 62% with an interval of 21-28 days, versus 50% with an interval of 21 days.

Clinical studies by Oxford / AstraZeneca showed an 82.4% effectiveness with a second dose three months after the first.

The ministry recommends that the vaccine be given every 12 weeks (three months). On a technical note, the volume informs that the longer interval was recommended based on studies conducted in the United Kingdom – the country chose to increase the spacing at the start of the vaccination campaign, due to the scarcity of doses.

The manufacturer’s package attachment states that the ban should be used in “a period of more than or equal to 21 days between the first dose and the second dose”.

According to information received from the government transparency portal, Acre had received 234,910 doses of vaccines, and 136,888 doses were applied until Friday (7), the date of the last update, with 98,306 first doses and 38,582 doses of the second. Rio Branco applied 62,230 doses and Cruzeiro do Sul 13965.

According to the government, the number of doses applied to the portal indicates the data already included in the system of the Ministry of Health, which is updated by the municipalities. Therefore, the information may be delayed.

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