Acamargo Hospital stops serving SUS patients

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A sign in the treatment of cancer in the city of São Paulo, Hospital Acamarjo announced that it will stop serving patients from the Unified Health System (SUS) from December.

The hospital, which is run by the Antonio Prudente Foundation and is nearing the end of its 70-year existence, has reported that it will not renew its existing agreement with the city of São Paulo. ACCamargo ensures that an individual analysis is carried out for each patient through the Municipal Health Department of São Paulo, and builds a transition plan that minimizes potential impacts. The Foundation asserts that the vast majority of patients who rely on care at ACCamargo have already completed their cancer treatment and are undergoing clinical follow-up.

One of the reasons given for the end of this type of service is the discrepancy in the SUS schedule. “This social impact readjustment will benefit the entire state, as it will be the best possible contribution due to the delay in the SUS schedule, which directly threatens the existence of the institution,” the memo says.

wanted by Brazil AgencyIn São Paulo, the Municipal Health Department confirmed that it had been informed by the hospital of the intention to boycott the agreement as of December 9. The file stated that he met with the hospital’s board of directors to assess the possibility of continuing care for the population.

In the meantime, the secretary informs, oncology assistance will continue to be provided to patients in the municipality’s network by other providers, such as the Municipal Hospital (HM) Dr. Gilson de Cássia Marques Carvalho, Villa Santa Catarina, as well as units organized by the State Government’s Health Services Regulation Center (Cross).

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