A woman undergoes cancer treatment for two years and discovers that she never developed the disease

A woman undergoes cancer treatment for two years and discovers that she never developed the disease

Megan Rowell even froze her eggs because the treatment affected her fertility, but discovered she had been misdiagnosed.

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The English woman, Megan Rowell, 33, was diagnosed with skin cancer. She underwent treatment, which included immunotherapy and surgery, for two years, and later discovered that she had never contracted the disease. The case was reported in the British press this week, after Meghan reached an out-of-court agreement to receive compensation for the inconvenience.

It all started in 2019 when the theatrical makeup artist was diagnosed. Meghan underwent surgery to remove the cancerous tissue, then faced nine cycles of immunotherapy, which affected her fertility, so she also froze her eggs, until she was discharged from hospital in 2021.

During the pandemic, I looked for another hospital. There a medical board reviewed her scans and discovered that she had been misdiagnosed and had never developed cancer.

“You can’t believe something like this could happen, and to this day I’ve never been given an explanation as to how or why it happened. I spent two years thinking I had cancer, went through all the treatment, and then was told I had cancer.” There was no cancer at all,” Rowell said BBC.

She was stunned by the news that she had never had cancer, “It took a while to sink in. You would think the immediate emotions would be relief, and to a certain extent they were, but I would say the bigger emotions were frustration and anger.

A spokesperson for the Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust, which is responsible for the hospital where the make-up artist was treated, also issued a public apology: “We would like to offer our sincere apologies to Megan Royle for the distress her experience has caused.”

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