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A woman takes a selfie after a car crashes into a frozen river

After the car sank in a frozen lake in the Ottawa region, in Canada
A woman got into the car and took a selfie. The conductor entered the Rideau River, which was partially frozen, last Sunday (16), around 4:30 p.m.

The woman managed to get out of the car while still on her feet and was positioned on top of the car as people tried to approach to rescue her. A group of residents mobilized to try to rescue the driver.

Two residents used kayaks and rope to get the woman out of the car and leave her in a safe place. However, during the process, she positioned herself in the back of the car and stopped to take a selfie.

a look:

Zachary King, one of the lifeguards, told CTV News Ottawa
. He said he was shocked to see the woman stopping the rescue to take a photo. “We pulled her outside and said, ‘What the hell were you doing?'” ”

According to the newspaper, the driver has been charged with operating a vehicle dangerously under the Canadian Penal Code.

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