A woman is tied to a plane seat after trying to open the door while flying

A woman has been chained to an airplane seat after trying to open the front door during a Tuesday (6) flight in the United States. In one of the videos, the woman is seen wrapped in duct tape over her mouth and chest with her arms tied.

The photos were posted on TikTok by a passenger on the flight, which was bound for Charlotte, North Carolina, USA, but her account was later banned.

She says a big mess started when the flight attendants started running down the aisles of the plane, closing the toilets and blocking the entrances. The only information provided by the pilot was that a “bad situation” was happening to a female passenger, without giving further details.

According to Insider, a flight attendant told a female passenger that the woman should be restrained after attempting to open the plane’s doors and attacking staff.

“She was saying, ‘I need to get off this plane,’ and she went to the exits and started knocking on doors saying, ‘You have to let me get off this plane,'” the writer of the viral video reported with 4 million visualizations.

Also, according to the site, the woman began biting, spitting and assaulting the ship’s staff, until she was tied up with duct tape.

A spokesman for American Airlines said on the site that “the woman tried to open the boarding gate, physically assaulted, bit and injured a flight attendant,” but did not talk about the method used to contain the passenger, which was criticized in social networks.

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