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It is not unusual for a mother to have twins. Triplets, and more. Situations like what happened with A woman from Mali gave birth to nine children at onceAnd the Very rare and associated with an increased risk of complications For both mother and children.

No case Halima Cisse, Which made news around the world after the birth of nine children simultaneously, All babies are born healthy and healthyAccording to the government Financial And the private Moroccan clinic that gave birth to the baby – for more security, the two African countries agreed to transfer the woman to Casablanca, in Morocco, West, sunset, For this action.

However, history shows that these cases of multiple children most of the time create risks for mothers and children. In the previous birth records of nine twin babies, all of them died either at birth or in the first weeks of life.

See below for questions and answers about the birth of nunuplets in Mali

One of the nine born from Mali in Morocco pictured May 5, 2021 – Photo: Youssef Boudlal / Reuters

How rare are these cases?

In the past 50 years, two documented cases of nuples have ended with the death of all children:

  • 1971 – On Australia, A 26-year-old woman gave birth to nine children in what was considered the world’s first confirmed case of nuples. Seven of them survived childbirth, but ended up dying within a week.
  • 1999 – On Malaysia, A mother of nine children at once, in a case documented in the scientific literature. They all died in the hours after birth.

What are the risks of this type of pregnancy?

Dr. Gustavo Kruger, a specialist in human reproduction at Das Clinics Hospital in São Paulo, explained to … St 1 What or what, The more children in the same pregnancy, the greater the risks a mother and babies face during pregnancy and after birth.

He notes that “every pregnancy carries risks. In the case of twins, these risks increase. As for pregnant women, this increases a lot.”

Among the risks, there are complications in a woman’s uterus – including the risk of losing a reproductive organ – and malformations in babies, which can have physical and mental consequences for babies. According to what the agency heard. B. Yaqoub Khalaf, professor at Kings College London, said the risk of developing cerebral palsy is “astronomically higher”.

It’s hard to tell if Malian kids are still in danger because of Insufficient information was given about the children, such as weight and size. All of them were still in the maternity ward in Morocco on Wednesday.

Why did you carry nine children?

This can only be known by information released so far. Doctor Gustavo Kruger explains that pregnancies with multiple children are very rare, but when they do occur they are more frequent in the following cases:

  • Assisted reproduction
  • Late pregnancy (after 35 years)
  • Hereditary predisposition

However, mother Halima Cisse gave birth to nine children at a relatively young age: according to the Malian government, she is 25 years old. “I also think it is very unlikely that she has undergone assisted reproduction,” Krueger said.

“It was a natural occurrence. Something very rare,” commented Kruger.

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