A WhatsApp hack lets “stalkers” know who you are talking to

A WhatsApp hack lets “stalkers” know who you are talking to

a The WhatsApp Get involved in another major controversy. Some companies use an app breach to provide user monitoring services, such as knowing which contacts you talk to through the app.

According to the technology company Trace-WhatsApp displays ‘Online’ status for all app accounts without any restrictions, even for contacts outside your calendar. With the information, some companies have begun to use the vulnerability to monitor user activity within the app, which is a “full board” for stalkers.

The app allows to “stalk” WhatsApp users using only a phone number.Source: Trace

The security company did not disclose the names of companies that provide this type of service, but it did offer screenshots showing how the tools worked. In addition to knowing when a person was online on WhatsApp, monitoring promises even uncovering cases of betrayal.

“Uncover” the betrayals

As shown in the pictures, the monitoring platforms only need a phone number to be registered on the platform to start tracking. With everything set up, the service starts scheduling all the times the user was online on WhatsApp.

The platforms promise to detect instances of treason by crossing monitoring data from two different numbers. If a suspicious user places his wife and someone else’s number on the platform, the service indicates that both accounts were online at the same time, indicating the possibility of a conversation between profiles.

Comments from users who used spy monitoring apps and Comments from users who used surveillance apps to spy and “spot” infidelities.Source: Trace

Since the entire process is done using only a mobile phone number, the account owner will at no time provide consent to monitoring and may never discover that their information has been tracked. In addition, the companies that provide these services are technically illegal, because WhatsApp makes the internet status of all users public.

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So far, WhatsApp has not officially commented on this, but there are simple social network ways to overcome the problem. The easiest way to address the violation is to provide users with the option to disable online status or make the information unique to anyone who is added as a contact.

Account monitoring scheme isn’t the first controversy involving WhatsApp linked to an app build bug. Recently, security experts also discovered a structural breach in the messaging software that allows anyone Someone is blocking your account Using only the phone number.

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