A website says a pregnant woman who has given birth to 10 children may be fraudulent

The South African woman, who was already a mother of twins, was going to give birth She gave birth to ten children at onceIt might be a scam. Her boyfriend would say, in South Africa, that he no longer believes that children exist, according to information from Daily Star.

Credito: African News Agency (I)A website says a pregnant woman who has given birth to 10 children may be fraudulent

Tibogo Tsotetsi, the woman’s friend and alleged father of the alleged children, issued a statement apologizing for “any inconvenience and embarrassment”. According to him, the woman, Josema Thamma Sithole, 37, is missing.

The birth was said to have taken place on June 7, and the woman gave birth to seven boys and three girls through a caesarean section. Photos of the arrival of children spread all over the world and a new world record was celebrated.

However, after the government and hospitals interrogated the birth of dozens of children, Tipogo Tsottsi revealed that he had not seen his partner or the children since birth.

In the statement issued on Tuesday on behalf of the family, the man claimed that he was the victim of a “scam” and apologized for the information disclosed.

According to the South African website News 24, a missing person case was opened to locate the woman. “(Tsotetsi) made several attempts to visit his girlfriend and the two babies, but she did not reveal her whereabouts and the condition of her children,” the statement said.

“Current suspicions and public discourse about children are of great concern to the family, especially in the absence of any evidence of their presence, in addition to the mother’s phone and WhatsApp messages.”

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“The family has determined and concluded that there is no tenfold difference between Tebogo Tsotetsi and Gosiame Sithole, until proven otherwise and would like to apologize for any inconvenience or embarrassment.”

On the Times Live website, family spokesman Russell Baloyi said the mother’s whereabouts were unknown. “We realized that while the situation was confusing for the country, in light of the conflicting statements that had been made, it was time to put that aside and work on the facts,” he said.

“With regard to pregnancy, the fact is that the mother was pregnant,” but it is not known how many children they increased. At first, doctors thought the woman was pregnant with six children, and Tibogo said at the time he found this “unbelievable.”

At the time of the announcement of the birth, the hospital had not confirmed the birth of the children. The director general of communications for the South African government, Pumla Williams, had said in a statement that he was unable to contact the family. “The government is aware of the reports, but has not yet been able to verify the truth,” he said.

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