A video of Isabelle on another reality show went viral and the Internet accused her sister of repeatedly cheating on Davey.

A video of Isabelle on another reality show went viral and the Internet accused her sister of repeatedly cheating on Davey.

It seems that the friendship between Isabelle and Davey in “BBB 24” was very close.

Photo: Disclosure, Globo TV/Pure People

For a few days now, the friendship that was once celebrated between… David and Isabel It appears to have entered a downtrend. confined to “BP24“Brother and sister no longer understand each other as they used to – They even had DR at the last party – And even the audience of the TV Globo reality show has already done so Their relationship is called toxic.

On social media, while some criticize the attitude of Davy, who even slapped a cockroach that was on his friend's arm (see the video below!), others are trying to prove, through new elements, that Isabelle might be upset by the brother's success on the program.

A video of Isabelle on another reality show is going viral

What many didn't know was that Isabelle, who has already undergone an impressive facelift, is nothing new to reality TV. Boy Bomba dancer, known as cunhão-poranga, won the program “Peladão a Bordo” in 2018which traps 14 women on a yacht for 40 days, taking part in tests and challenges while sailing along the Rio Negro.

In a video clip that circulated widely on the Internet, Isabel is shown giving her opinion (Argument) About whether or not another participant remains in the program.

“It's very powerful to say who I don't want to come back. Who am I to say who shouldn't come back, but in certain situations, because I know Duda and…

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