a surprise! Retro names you never imagined would be back in 2024

a surprise!  Retro names you never imagined would be back in 2024

When choosing a name For their children, many parents seek inspiration from names that have deep meaning and historical connection. In 2024, we notice a great trend of reviving old names that carry strong meanings. Let's explore some of the options that are winning hearts this year.

No more Enzo and Valentina: popular names in 2024

Male names


With its Hebrew roots, kaleb goes beyond meanings such as “faithfulness to God,” “wholeheartedly,” and even “loyalty” or “dog.” With a biblical story that highlights loyalty and faith, Caleb not only remains popular in the United States, Canada and New Zealand, but is also re-emerging as a modern and meaningful choice.


Of Hebrew origin, Samuel carries the mighty meaning From “God heard” or “God's name.” This name is associated with trust, loyalty, and protection, and was used by one of Israel's great prophets and judges. With a strong presence in parents' choices in Brazil, the United States and Sweden, Samuel continues to radiate strength and meaning.

Female names


With Germanic roots, Amelia means “hardworking” or “hardworking.” In addition to reflecting dedication and perseverance, the name carries an aura of ambition. Due to its association with historical figures such as Amelia Earhart, this choice features on popularity charts in the UK, US and Australia, delighting parents looking for names with history and meaning.


Originating from Latin, Clara conveys the idea of ​​“bright” and “bright.” With a charm that suggests light, purity and beauty, Clara is on the rise in Brazil and in European countries, such as Spain and France. An option that not only evokes elegance, but also brings back the essence of classic names.

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In 2024, by choosing names that carry deep meanings and HistoricalParents add an extra layer of value to their children's identities. Rich in tradition and symbolism, these names continue to charm and stand the test of time, connecting the past to the present with elegance and meaning.

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