A student from Carrere is awarded in the UK Olympics

A student from Carrere is awarded in the UK Olympics

Macêdo Cruz, a student at Colégio Paraíso, filled us with pride and brought to our country
The only Brazilian medal. During the past week, participate in the TeenEagles competition that is being held
annually in London.

The final global stage was held, in person, from 1 to 6 August, in London and included only
Among the best of them is Kayo McDow, who took the silver medal.

Teen Olympiad is about learning to communicate in a global environment. Teenagle connects students
On a globalized, modern and accessible platform. This is a totally innovative competition, where
Students are challenged to use creativity to solve problems, lead, communicate and learn from a variety
Other basic skills of basic human development to this day.

In total, there were more than 5,000 participants from 37 nationalities in the first knockout stage, which
Online event. Plus more than 400 finalists from 27 different countries and 300 schools.

There were six days during which the students did intense extracurricular activities and challenges in different areas of knowledge. Once again, Colégio Paraíso stands out internationally for the innovation and extraordinary skills of its students.

Colégio Paraíso is communication and learning, the place to achieve your results.

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