a skyscraper that has pissed off the New York super-rich with a luxurious interior; research

Millionaire population 432 Park Avenue, a skyscraper located on the so-called Billionaire Row (Billionaires Street) in Manhattan (New York), decided to sue Real estate developers responsible for the project. They paid a fortune for the apartments, some of which are 195.1 square meters and offer panoramic views of the Hudson River and Central Park, as well as many luxuries.

The case was to end in court motivated by a series of unresolved problems in housing – according to the article, the list of problems will reach 1.5 thousand. Complaints range from faulty elevators, flooding, power outages, and excessive noise. But billionaires claim that their enormous square meter holds much more “challenges” than these.

432 Park Avenue caused controversy due to infrastructure problems

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Inside the apartments, the setting is opulent: spacious bedrooms, view-view bathrooms, huge living rooms and kitchens, shaded by windows that offer a prime view of Manhattan Island.

Among the owners of the units in the luxury building are singer and actress Jennifer Lopez and Saudi magnate Fawaz Al Hokair.

See below a video showing the interior of the building’s roof, valued at US$169 million (about R$903 million).

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