A reference in F1 coverage, Mariana Baker talks career and struggles on Twitter Series – 05/31/2021

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On Monday, Twitter launched another episode of the #ElaEmPauta series, in which female journalists tell their stories amid the achievements and difficulties of the profession. In this chapter, Mariana Baker, Da Band, Tells how she started in the profession and what led her to be considered one of the most influential motorsport correspondents in the world. Mariana is a F1 specialist and has followed this category since 2008.

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– People [mulheres] He had to go through things the new generation wouldn’t do. I think things have changed a lot, but they have to change more, Mariana said. He added, “They insisted and persisted. Do not give up on the first difficulty. It is not final.”

See below Mariana Baker episode.

The first video for the series was released at the end of March and was attended by Luciana Barreto, CNN’s anchor. On World Press Freedom Day, on May 3, the platform made available second content, with the story of Fabiana Moraes, journalist and educator from Recife.

The initiative is inspired by the #story series, which Twitter carried out in the US last year. Now, in addition to Brazil, Twitter will also replicate the certification form in the UK, India, Japan, and South Korea over the next few months. In Brazil, the videos are posted every month, and they are always posted in the same sequence of tweets.

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