A rare sunfish was found dead on a beach in the United States | Scientist

rare sample of sun fish Found dead on the beach in Oregon, we United State, last week, aquarium researchers reported in the city of أبلغ seaside.

The animal is also called Oba fishأسماك, draws attention to its reddish color and size: it can reach It is 2 meters long and weighs up to 270 kg.

A sunfish was found in Seaside Beach, Oregon, on July 14, 2021 – Photo: Seaside Aquarium

Specialists in aquariums in the city near the border with Canada Collect the animal and put it in a Cool room so that it can be studied later.

The scholars said in a statement that Fish of this species usually live in the open and deep sea., away from the coast – which are very rare in this area.

They feed mainly on krill, similar to small shrimp, and their appearance in shallow waters. Could be related to climate change.

Sunfish Beach on Oregon Beach, USA on July 14, 2021 – Photo: Seaside Aquarium

A 2015 study, published by the journal Science, found that opah is The first warm-blooded fish known to science.

Its unusual feature gives it a competitive advantage in the cold ocean depths: with its fins constantly fluttering, the Animal stays warm with quick reaction.

Some other fish, such as Tuna and some sharks can heat body parts and muscles to improve performance in cold depths., but their internal organs quickly turn cold, forcing them to climb into shallow waters to warm.

“Monstrous Fish”: Watch cases found of huge or scary-looking animals

“Monstrous Fish”: Watch cases found of huge or scary-looking animals

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