A psychologist from the happiest country in the world reveals the three secrets to achieving happiness

A psychologist from the happiest country in the world reveals the three secrets to achieving happiness

In a recent survey, Finland It was elected as the happiest country in the world. As the search for happiness repeats itself around the world, a Finnish psychologist decided to unravel this mystery. The goal is to help people find happiness based on three basic principles.

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Sense of community and relationship

In an interview with CNBC Mke It, psychologist Martella noted that a sense of community is the first pillar in a strong search for happiness. Therefore, “having people around you who care about you and who you care about too is a factor of satisfaction. Fortunately, this is true even in extremely difficult financial circumstances.

Likewise, the psychologist also points out that it is possible to find this sense of belonging to a community even outside the closest family nucleus. This can be achieved by going out with friends, visiting family, as well as communicating with others through recreational activities.

They did good deeds

Considering the needs of others is an essential foundation for building a happier society. Proof of this is that a study conducted by Ohio State University showed that people who do good deeds have a greater sense of satisfaction and happiness in life. The same research places small initiatives as a way to achieve this happiness. In this sense, complimenting a family member or helping a colleague, for example, can be a tool for achieving happiness.

In this sense, Martella points out that when you help someone, that is, when you have a positive influence on others, happiness and a sense of meaning increase. “In crisis situations, there are usually many opportunities for mutual assistance, and this also helps build a sense of solidarity,” he adds.

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Clear a goal for yourself

This is perhaps the most difficult pillar on this list that focuses on finding happiness. But one way to find purpose for yourself is to simply make a list of situations that bring you joy.

Finally, the psychologist points out that by having a strong goal, it is easier to overcome the most difficult moments. He concludes, “Focusing on change is a clear source of purpose that can lift a person’s morale and help them find meaning in their current situation.”

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