A pregnant woman who was bitten by a poisonous spider and whose skin was necrotic, gives birth and breathes a sigh of relief: “I was born healthy” | More health

A pregnant woman who was bitten by a poisonous spider and whose skin was necrotic, gives birth and breathes a sigh of relief: “I was born healthy” |  More health

A pregnant woman who suffered necrotic skin after being bitten by a poisonous spider, gives birth in Abyei (SP) – Image: personal archive and public domain (illustration)

Baby Mirella was born healthy. Kitesli Freitas Lisa, 29, was still in the womb when her mother was bitten by a brown spider in the eighth month of pregnancy. to g1Kitsley said she breathed a sigh of relief when she held her daughter in her arms. “I thought something might happen to her, but everything was fine and she was born healthy.”

He is a law graduate and has six children Spider tattoo On her body she was stung in her right leg and had part of Necrotic skin Result of poison. “I was so scared I had an anxiety attack in hospital, fearing the effect on the baby.” The girl was born in Abyei (SP).

The mother stated that she did not feel calm until the last stage of pregnancy, when tests confirmed that her daughter was fine and that the spider bite would not affect the birth.

Although she felt comfortable and enjoyed the first days of the baby's life, the spider bite brought trauma to Kittisley. She, who has always loved spiders and has six tattoos on her body, has changed her mind. “Now I'm afraid”He mentioned.

Another concern for Kitsley was the possibility of amputating her leg, which had part of the skin necrotic. Antibiotics were able to reduce and avoid the risks, but they did not end the necrosis and she still has scarring. (See picture above)

A resident of Abyei (SP) still has a necrotic scar after being bitten by a spider during her pregnancy – Photo: Personal Archive

The next day, Kitsley began having strong reactions to the spider's venom. Symptoms were red spots, severe pain and severe itching all over the body. She was admitted to hospital on January 9 and was discharged three days later, when her clinical condition returned to normal.

Four of the six tattoos of a pregnant woman bitten by a poisonous spider in Apiaye (SP). The other two are in the buttocks area – Photo: personal archive

According to the pregnant woman, doctors contacted the Butantan Institute and found out that it was a brown spider. But she stated that she did not receive the anti-spider serum.

In a note, the Doutor Adhemar de Barros Hospital explained to the reporting team that the patient had no changes in her clinical condition and, for this reason, did not meet the protocol criteria of the Epidemiological Surveillance Group of São Paulo State to receive treatment. Anti-spider serum.

Part of a pregnant woman's skin has become necrotic as a result of brown spider venom — Photo: Personal archive

Biologist Daniel Bortone told… g1 What are brown spiders? (Loxosilis sp) It is not an aggressive species and cannot bite humans. “Accidents occur when a person presses the spider against the body, thus inoculating [introdução] Of poison,” he said.

According to the biologist, it is advisable to look for it medical care If you are bitten by any spider. “People usually tend to think that these spiders may not be dangerous due to their small size.”

Bortone stressed that the act was caused by poison It takes time for the first symptoms to appear In humans.

“The sooner a person takes the serum, the better. What an infected person should do is wash the area well with soap and water, drink plenty of water and seek medical attention immediately. If possible, take the spider out in a jar.”

The brown spider (Loxosceles gaucho) is a spider of the Loxosceles genus. – Image: public domain

According to the Butantan Institute, necrosis at the site of the bite is one of the most common manifestations of envenomation. This study, according to the institution, was the first to evaluate the ability of anti-spider serum in humans to prevent necrosis in cases of brown spider bites.

Previous research in animal models showed that antivenom reduced necrotic lesions by 30%, even when administered 48 hours after the venom was injected.

Tips to avoid accidents with spiders at home:

  • Always check clothes before wearing them and towels before drying them;
  • Knock your shoe to see if there is anything inside;
  • Avoid leaving bed sheets and bed covers in contact with the floor, as they can use them to climb into bed;
  • Filling gaps and holes in doors and windows in the wall of the house.

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