A possible ballistic missile has been detected flying over Spain

A possible ballistic missile has been detected flying over Spain

It was the Fireballs and Meteorites Research Network (SPMN), part of the Spanish Superior Council of Scientific Investigations (CSIC), that discovered the object.

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The Fireball and Meteor Research Network (SPMN), of the Spanish Supreme Council for Scientific Investigations (CSIC), discovered an “artificial fireball” flying over Catalonia, the Balearic Sea and the Valencian Community, departing from France, on Friday. (29) He fell into the sea. It is being studied whether it was a ballistic missile or a satellite that re-entered the atmosphere.

“We are currently studying two hypotheses: a ballistic missile or a satellite re-entering the atmosphere,” the researchers’ narration came in a message on the social network “Once the study is completed and we get additional confirmation, we will publish it,” they added.

On Saturday morning, SPMN shared videos that showed an object that, after leaving France, “flew over Girona and Barcelona to enter the Balearic Sea and end its journey in the south of the Valencian Community.”

The agency classified the event as “worrying,” always considering that it might be a ballistic missile. The Space Science Institute (ICE-CSIC) is studying the images taken of this “artificial fireball” to find out its origin.

Valencian astrophysicist Josep Maria Trigo, a researcher at the CSIC Institute for Space Sciences, reacted to what happened, asking whether explanations should be given about this fact and whether the tests should not be announced.

“I honestly wonder if someone responsible would explain this test they did today over our heads,” Trejo said. “Shouldn't it be made public?”

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Watch the video in the gallery above.

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