A patient lies on the floor with his head in a trash can without assistance at UPA in Abukarana

A patient lies on the floor with his head in a trash can without assistance at UPA in Abukarana

Just when we think we have already seen all the possible situations, we encounter patients lying on the floor of the UPA, without receiving care, with their heads resting on garbage cans. In addition, the municipal pharmacy distributes home recipes for making serum.

The shocking images reveal the seriousness of the situation to which residents are exposed by the administration of Mayor Vimac Junior, especially in the health field. The mayor plans to spend more than R$ 1 million from the city council's free resources, but there is a shortage of funds in several areas, including health and the fight against dengue, but not to hold a birthday party in the city.

At the same time, the lack of resources to address the dengue epidemic is evident, even taking into account the under-reporting of cases. Abucarana occupies a worrying position, being the city with the highest number of cases in Paraná.

Dengue does not differentiate between social classes, highlighting the lack of effective action by the city council over time. There are already records of three suspected dengue deaths, one of them a 22-year-old man and two elderly people.

According to Council Member Lukas Liugi, “Public health faces shortcomings in many aspects, from a shortage of doctors and endemic factors to a scarcity of resources for medications, tests and elective surgeries. The shortage of rehydration salts, the well-known serum, in the UPA pharmacy, as published on Wednesday (17/01) on the social network of the council, is another example of the chaos faced by residents. The solution found by the Municipal Health Authority was to distribute tickets with home recipes, such as '1 liter of filtered or boiled water; “One teaspoon salt and one tablespoon sugar,” the advisor posted.

“The only thing left is to give prescriptions for medicinal plants, at the expense of providing adequate medicines to the less fortunate population,” said a reader of the 38 News portal.

Every day, when we think we have already seen the worst, we are again faced with an overcrowded UPA, people exhausted after long hours of waiting and patients lying on the floor, unattended, like this person with his head in the bed. Garbage container. Lucas Liuji regretted this situation.

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