A new study says: Covid-19: a distance of two meters does not prevent transmission Health

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A new study suggests that Covid-19: two meters does not prevent transmission

Researchers at the University of Cambridge, UK, said the social distancing of two meters to prevent infection by Covid-19 is arbitrary. The study, published in the scientific journal “Fluid Physics”, says that transmission of the virus through the air is variable and can exceed distances of more than two meters.

With this, scientists have pointed to the ineffectiveness of social distancing as the only measure to combat Covid-19. They stated that mask use, good environmental ventilation and vaccination are strategies that, in addition to social distancing, work very well to avoid infection.

The team also concluded that if a person with Covid-19 coughed without a mask, they could contaminate another person from two meters away, even in the most open environments.

The researchers noted that there is no sudden break of two meters, and concluded that the cough of an infected person who is not wearing a mask can emit larger droplets, which quickly fall on adjacent surfaces, but the small droplets spread easily, depending on the ventilation of the environment.

Therefore, scientists conclude that social distancing, by itself, is not an effective measure for reducing transmission, hence the importance of vaccination.

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