A new Gmail shortcut lets you delete them in moments

A new Gmail shortcut lets you delete them in moments

If you use Gmail On your Android device, there's something new that will make your life easier. Now, the Gmail app for Android has received a shortcut to cancel subscriptions, a function that was already available in the web version. This means that managing those automatic messages that fill your inbox just got a whole lot easier.

How the new shortcut works

In the Gmail app, you'll notice that next to the three dots button, in the upper right corner of the message, a new shortcut has appeared. When you press this button, a confirmation window will appear containing two options:

  • “Eliminates”to stop the process.
  • “Go to site”which takes you directly to the publishing page.

The functionality was found in version 2023.11.26 of the Gmail app, but is being rolled out gradually. If you haven't seen this in your app yet, it might be a good idea to check the Play Store for any pending updates.

This feature makes unsubscribing from newsletters or other automated communications faster and more convenient.

One point to consider is that this option is already known to users of the web version of Gmail since December last year. With this update, Google continues its efforts to make the email experience more enjoyable and less cluttered with unnecessary content.

Google's fight against spam

In addition to the launch of this new shortcut, it is interesting to highlight that in December 2023, Google introduced RitvikAn advanced and effective spam detection tool. Furthermore, at the beginning of this year, new rules put in place by Gmail for mass senders went into effect.

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The main purpose of these new guidelines is to ensure greater authenticity in sent communications and provide a more flexible and intuitive user experience, significantly improving the way users interact with and receive these emails.

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