A new feature that will affect your schedule

A new feature that will affect your schedule

that New Jobs Must reach Instagram: Possibility to post texts and phrases on feedas is the case today stories. Although there is no official confirmation of the novelty from the platform, it is believed that it will work similarly to WhatsApp and Facebook status. In this scenario, it will be possible to include text and a square color image.

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It is worth noting that the information was disclosed by developer Alessandro Paluzzi in early January.

development stage

For now, Instagram pauses to say that it’s working on feed resources that are very popular in Stories and one of which is text sharing. However, there are no release expectations, nor is there a complete definition of the format or features.

What is known so far is that Instagram’s “text mode” will allow phrases to be posted directly to a file feed. Images Paluzzi made available at the beginning of the month indicate that when you create a new post, there will be a “text mode” icon.

Through there, it will be possible to write the text and publish it directly as a file picture. As in Stories, it will also be possible to customize the background colors of the image.

However, it should be noted that since it is a tool in the testing phase, it may undergo format changes before it becomes available to all users of the social network.


It is not yet known exactly when Instagram will make the news available. At the moment we are waiting for tests of the new mode of interaction on the social network. Until then, users can continue to use Stories exclusively to post text to Instagram.

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