A missile hits an American cargo ship off the coast of Yemen

A missile hits an American cargo ship off the coast of Yemen

A missile hit an American cargo ship on Monday (15) off the coast of Yemen, a British security agency and intelligence company announced, a day after Houthi rebels fired a projectile at an American destroyer. The British Maritime Trade Operations Agency stated on its website that “a ship was hit from above by a missile,” without providing further details.

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According to the British intelligence company Ambrey, which specializes in maritime risks, a fire was declared on board the ship flying the flag of the Marshall Islands and owned by the United States. However, the merchant ship remains seaworthy and no casualties have been reported. Ambrey considers it a “targeted attack against American interests, in response to an American military bombing against Houthi military sites in Yemen,” adding that according to her information, “the ship is not linked to Israel,” and Iran did not respond immediately.

On Sunday, the missile launched by the organization was shot down at an American military ship. The group, which controls large areas of territory – including the capital – last week attacked ships in the Red Sea that it believed had ties to Israel, justifying that its actions were in solidarity with the Palestinians in Gaza. Which raised fears of a growing conflict between Israel and the Palestinian Islamic movement Hamas in Gaza.

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