A “mermaid” appears during a flood in a town in Scotland

A "mermaid" appears during a flood in a town in Scotland

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The torrential rains that have hit the UK in recent days have caused damage, but have also caused eerie scenes with a hint of British humour. One case was caught by a resident of Glasgow, Scotland, who saw a ‘mermaid’ from his window last Saturday (7).

Gavin Millar, who took the photos and posted them on Facebook, said he lives on the top floor of the building. Prevented from leaving the building due to the flood, he decided to take a look at the landscape, when he came across a woman dressed as a mermaid swimming peacefully in a flooded area.

In similar cases, it is “most common” to see people crossing the flood on a surfboard, kayak, or even jet-ski. Seeing a ‘mermaid’ in the flood surprised many people on social media.

Many found the scene funny, but many expressed concern about the women’s health, citing the dangers of swimming in dirty water, possibly with diseases such as leptospirosis.

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