A medical leaflet revealing the health of the author of the massacre at a daycare center in North Carolina

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According to Doctor Jonathan Con de Souza, the young man could be taken out of service on Tuesday (11).

The author of the massacre was hospitalized in a nursery in Swadades for six days in HRO (Hospital Regional do Oeste), in Chapico, No Santa Catarina West. Save him Fire department They were transferred to Pinhalziono Hospital, and then transferred to Chapico Hospital.

This Monday morning (10), HRO The medical report was issued on the health status of young people. According to the information, he has shown improvement and is likely to be dismissed as of Tuesday (11).

According to a medical report released on Monday (10), the author of the massacre, who was hospitalized at the HRO, showed improvements – Photo: HRO / ND Disclosure

The doctor monitoring the young man’s recovery in the hospital is the surgeon Jonathan Cowen de Souza. According to the medical report, he has consumed food by mouth during the past two days. It also no longer relied on mechanical ventilation to breathe.

The other information that has been released is that the drainage on the chest has already been removed as it has improved. Drains will be removed from the abdomen, spine and left leg on Monday.

The doctor will also evaluate the possibility of removing the tracheostomy cannula.

“ The patient has a good clinical and surgical development, with potential exit criteria from tomorrow [terça-feira, dia 11]Inform the doctor through the leaflet.

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