A huge bag of meat appears on a beach in the United Kingdom

A huge bag of meat appears on a beach in the United Kingdom

Beachgoers found a huge bag of meat on a beach in Cornwall, England. Internet users quickly speculated that the discovery may have a strange and even bizarre origin. However, it is a giant whale stomach (which is still strange and curious).

The incident was carried out on October 27 by Helen Marlowe, who lives locally and was taking a routine walk on the beach with her dog. In an interview with Live Science, the woman described that she initially had no idea what the discovery might be.

“It appears to be a white, fleshy-looking substance,” he said. He added: “It did not have specific characteristics, such as limbs, but it appeared to be a mass.” What is even more surprising is that, despite being a stomach, Helen says that this organ did not emit a strong odor.

The origin of the giant bag has been discovered

The person who finally solved the mystery was the British Marine Life Society, which received the woman's photos in a collection on Faebook. But the answer was not simple, and until his arrival he was plagued by much speculation. Netizens said the object could be a placenta, sandbags or even a weather balloon.

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But after analysis, it was confirmed that it was the stomach of a whale. The organ likely washed ashore from a dead whale decomposing on the surface of the ocean. The type of animal is not yet completely clear.

“It's big,” Abby Crosbie, a marine conservation officer at Cornwall Wildlife Foundation, told Live Science. Given its size, it is possible to speculate that the stomach belongs to species such as fin whales, bowhead whales, or even humpback whales.

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