A group of 16 public buildings in Brasilia that have been vacant for 9 years

A group of 16 public buildings in Brasilia that have been vacant for 9 years

The new Taguatinga Administrative Center project was opened in 2014 and will house the administrative bodies of the regional government; A dispute with the consortium prevented the completion of the works

The project to transfer administrative bodies from the DF (Federal District) to the new headquarters in Taguatinga has been on hold for 9 years. Established by the former governor Jose Roberto Arruda (PL), the complex of 16 buildings and 182,000 square meters remains empty and unfinished, despite being inaugurated in 2014 by the former governor. Anilo Queiroz (PT).

The contract for the construction of Centrad (Taguatinga Administrative Center) was signed in 2009. Arruda's idea was to bring about 15,000 public employees from the city center (Plano Piloto, an upscale area of ​​the capital) to where the majority of the population is. The complex is built between Taguatinga, Cilandia and Samambaya, which are high-income areas For the individual smallest. Another benefit is reducing government spending on building rentals and reversing the flow of vehicles in the capital.

Since its opening, Centrad has remained unfinished. Work on the main structure is 95% complete, but another obstacle to building occupancy remains: the government has not started roadworks in the surrounding area to receive public employees.

The occupation of the buildings was an election promise from the current president of the region’s government. Ibanes Rocha (MDB). In its second term, the Ibanes government advanced negotiations to occupy at least part of Centradé.

to Power360Bidding studies for the works will be completed at the end of this month and notifications will begin to be published in the first half of 2024, said Marcelo Galvao, head of special projects consulting for the Governor's Office.

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The plan is to begin occupying Centrad by 2026, the last year of Ibanes' term, Galvão said. The government intends to launch a culture of public agency transportation in Taguatinga by creating services to serve the population as a state agency. right on time It's from PRP (Bank of Brasilia).

Galvão also reported that Sintrad could get him a college and a military police position: “The idea is that the occupation will begin during the Ibanes government, and this is a political decision by the governor.”.

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The Brasilia government's choice was a public-private partnership to implement the administrative complex. The project was implemented by the consortium of the former Odebrecht company (today Novonor) with via Engenharia. The agreement was for the companies to build Centrad and lease the space to the government for 20 years.

However, the cancellation of Arruda's mandate in March 2010 and the developments of Operation Lava Jato targeting the country's largest construction companies – at the end of the Aniello government, which ended on January 1, 2015 – thwarted the completion of the project.

“There were events that happened along the way, firstly Operation Pandora's Box that ended the Arruda government and Operation Lava Jato that struck both companies […]. “The project failed”Marcelo Galvao said.

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Centrad is located near Taguatinga Bus Station and Elmo Serejo Farias Stadium in Serejão.

The government will still have to foot the bill

The land will remain with the consortium for 20 years, but the government regained ownership of the property in 2022, with the aim of resuming work that was halted due to the difficulties the companies faced in completing the project.

This recovery occurred through an agreement with the companies, but there is still an obstacle: the companies are demanding compensation for the construction of 95% of the project, which according to them could amount to 1.5 billion Brazilian reais. The government is trying to avoid this payment by arguing that the companies were not able to fulfill the contract.

There are ongoing procedures to determine the value of compensation that still depend on technical expertise. Galvão stated that if there is an obligation to pay, the amount should not reach R$1 billion.

Centrad is located near Taguatinga Bus Station and Elmo Serejo Farias Stadium in Serejão. The occupation of buildings and increased influx of people remain a hope for local residents to boost trade and create new job opportunities.

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