A global report says that social networks are losing their space as a source of news

A global report says that social networks are losing their space as a source of news

In recent years, social networks have become an important source of access to news. However, this trend is starting to change. The conclusion is taken from the Reuters Institute's Digital News Report, one of the most respected in the world. The study, released this week, interviewed thousands of people in 37 countries to understand journalism consumption habits.

According to the survey, the number of people obtaining information through social media decreased in several important markets, such as the United States (6%), the United Kingdom, and France. “Almost all of this is due to a decline in searching for, posting and sharing news on Facebook,” the authors analyze. Despite this, it is still the social network most used for reading news (36%), followed by Whatsapp (15%), Twitter (11%), FB Messenger (8%), and Instagram (6%).

When comparing countries, Brazil remains the place surveyed where Facebook is the most popular news source (66%), followed by the US (45%), the UK (39%) and France (36%).

On the other hand, messaging applications such as Whatsapp, FB Messenger, Telegram and Skype are gaining ground as a platform for sharing news. Among the Brazilians interviewed in the survey, nearly half (48%) said they use Whatsapp to access journalistic content. The country is behind only Malaysia, where the rate is 54%. The percentage also increased in other countries, such as Spain (36%) and Turkey (30%).


The study also measured people's confidence in the press. Of the total number of participants, 44% expressed this feeling about the news they follow. In the case of information sources that are accessed more regularly, the index increased to 51%. The percentage decreases when the content is displayed through search engines (34%), such as Google, or received through social media networks (23%), such as Twitter.

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Breaking down by country, Brazil appears in third place with greater confidence in journalistic media (59%), behind only Portugal (62%) and Finland (62%). In the ranking, Brazil is followed by the Netherlands (59%), Canada (58%), Denmark (56%) and Ireland (54%).


According to research, the number of people obtaining information via social media has decreased in several important markets – Marcelo Casal Junior/Brazil Agency

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