A function under testing to alert the user to the presence of attendees on calls!

A function under testing to alert the user to the presence of attendees on calls!

Holding your cell phone to your ear, listening to repetitive music while waiting for the person on the other end to respond, is very stressful, especially for those who constantly need to use support services provided by companies, whether public or private.

But despite the desire to get away from the annoying sound, the fear of missing the call and having to redial still remains. The good news is that this type of situation may have its days numbered, thanks to a new feature being developed for it Android.

Google is making life easier for Android users

According to recent information published by a news portal called “9to5Google“, or Google The company is working on a feature to put a virtual assistant on calls, which will notify the user when a human has definitely joined the call.

Thanks to this, it will be possible for the customer to carry out other daily tasks while the tool continues to keep the call active, eliminating the need for human presence. today is “Talk to a live representativeIt can now be used by those using Android when an individual connects to the SAC of participating companies.

However, there are currently geographic restrictions on US territory. Companies currently compatible with the job are Alaska Airlines, JetBlue, DHL, Delta Airlines, Fedex, Instacart, Grubhub and others.

Therefore, to use it, you need to connect to a compatible organization, press “Request a call“And specify the reason for the call, making it easier to choose the right agent. Then, just enter more data and wait while Google retains the data.” communicate It activates and notifies you when someone enters the scene.

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Currently, several tests are being conducted in the research laboratory of the multinational company, which has not yet confirmed the spread of the technology to other countries besides the USA. So, we can only wait to see what the future of this job will be like.

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