A Fazenda 15: An angry Rachel Scheherazade demands the production of the reality show and requests a return: “Take my proposal and look at it…”

A Fazenda 15: An angry Rachel Scheherazade demands the production of the reality show and requests a return: “Take my proposal and look at it…”


The journalist talked about the reality show production situations

Photos: Clone / Instagram / @rachelsheherazade
Photos: Clone / Instagram / @rachelsheherazade

On this Sunday (22) Rachel Scheherazadeexpel the participant from Farm 15, release the action. In a live broadcast on Instagram, the journalist presented some demands related to the production of the reality program, in addition to questioning several positions of the program’s representatives.

“When you touch someone’s private parts without their permission, what is that? You are committing sexual harassment, unless there is better judgment, that is my opinion. I also do not think that Simeone should go unnoticed in the production of the program, that should be explained well.” Criticize Rachel. She also criticized Ma Simeone I was injured Radamès In the face.

He wants to come back

“I don’t believe in sealed destiny, you know? ‘It was meant to be,’ it wasn’t meant to be, I wasn’t meant to be fired. I don’t believe it, but it happened. And honestly, I wish people would see what’s happening on the farm “Everyone’s personality, everyone’s game, you know? There are things that are legal, but they shouldn’t be done. “Not everything that is within the rules of the game must be done.”declared Scheherazade.

“Simeone also cheated on Cariúcha. He even accused me of a racist crime thanks to Simeone’s lies. What would happen if Cariúcha and I went back to A Fazenda 15? Look what the fire in the straw would be! Let’s raise the hashtag ‘Back with Rachel, Cariúcha’. What about? It’s just Suggestion! You guys take my suggestion and take a look!” Complete the previous factor.

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