A fan throws ashes on stage during a performance of P! nk and the singer is shocked: “Is this your mother?” ; He watches

A fan throws ashes on stage during a performance of P!  nk and the singer is shocked: “Is this your mother?”  ;  He watches

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No matter how many years of work an artist has, he can always be surprised by the attitudes of his fans. On Sunday (25th), it was the turn of P! nk was completely unresponsive when she noticed a fan threw her mother’s ashes on stage during a performance by the singer in Hyde Park, in London, England. The situation was spotted by other viewers, and of course it made it to the web.

The unexpected moment happened as the blonde performed “Just Like A Pill.” P bend! nk down and picks up an open bag on the floor and looks at the fan. From the artist’s expression, you can see that she was completely shocked by the fan’s attitude. “is this your mother?”he asked, and seemed to get an affirmative answer. “I don’t know how to feel about it.”, he added. She returned to singing the song, but still had a confused expression on her face. See how it went:

In the post’s comments, many users reacted to the strange event. “I handled it pretty well because I would definitely get nervous if someone handed me her mom’s ashes. I just saw another video of a guy coming out to his mom in front of Bebe Rexha, so yeah, boundaries! Now I understand why some celebrities are so isolated.”interspersed with a Twitter profile.

Another online user claimed that she knows people close to the woman who “gifted” P! nk, and reported the reason for surprise: My friends were close to this girl and the story is that her mom couldn’t go out much because she was sick so now she takes her ashes everywhere. It’s not very pleasant for many people, but it relaxes her.”.

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P! nk also brought many other – and more natural – gifts from fans during his two shows at “American Express Presents BST Hyde Park,” including teddy bears, flowers, and artwork. At her performance on Saturday, the artist teased the crowd by bringing her 11-year-old daughter, Willow, to sing “Cover Me In Sunshine.” “She’s so good. She doesn’t care at all.”the drooling mother joked.

In addition, the star also insisted that the entire performance be stopped so that firefighters could attend to a fan who passed out.

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