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City emergency service Angola, employment TurkeySomewhat unusual service. Bihan Saeed, 51 years old, has left for He drinks With a friend, Tuesday night (28). After not showing up at home, I informed his wife vanishement to local authorities. Guess who helped with the searches? The missing Turk himself.

Police and rescue workers were called to find Behan Mutlu, who slept in an abandoned house in the woods near the bar, according to information from the Turkish website T24, on Friday (1).

Behan finds the search team in the morning and decides to help them find the “missing person”. He only realized that it was he, the focus of the search, when they began to call out the name of the missing person.

“After a while, they said they were looking for Behan Mutlu,” he told the Turkish website. “I started to get a cold sweat when I heard my name,” he commented.

“I told them it was Bihan Mutlu, but they kept looking. They didn’t believe me. The truth came out when my friend Masoud saw me,” he explained. Bihan Mutlu’s participation in the search party lasted about half an hour.

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