A driver was fired after a blonde left an Amazon truck that was found and surprised with a statement

The video, filmed in June in the US and posted to the web only in October, shows a woman sneaking out of a company truck.

Driver Amazon, Taiwan George, who was expelled last month after p A video of a woman being caught sneaking out of the back door of a work cart, I decided to comment on the photos that quickly went viral in Internet.

A driver lost his job after a video clip of a woman quitting her job happened – Photo: Internet / Disclosure / ND

The video, which was filmed in June in Florida, United State, and published online only in October, still shows the blonde—unidentified, barefoot, her phone in her crevice—stepping out of the back of an Amazon truck as a delivery boy, in his blue jacket, opens the door for her.

In an interview full of sexual allusions, to the gate daily MailThe former employee of the online sales company said he did “what any other American man would do in his case”.

When asked what he was doing behind closed doors, Tiwan replied with a smile “My job,” and added that his duties include delivering packages. “That’s exactly what I was doing,” he commented.

In a TMZ video, released Sunday (7), the driver said the public had a wrong idea about the scene. He also claimed that he knew, as the video gained popularity on the web, that his time inside the company was running out, due to Amazon’s “strict” policies.

“Everyone misinterpreted the video. Rent is high in the city. It’s very hot. Basically, it was about paying the bills, if you know what I’m saying,” he told TMZ.

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Remember the case

The author of the 11-second viral video was Dylan Hawke, who gave an interview to The Independent. From the window of the hotel room where he was staying, he noticed a woman getting into the car across the street. Filming began when he saw the door open a few minutes later.

The driver, who only appeared briefly, was fired for allowing unauthorized passengers into his delivery vehicles.

“Allowing unauthorized passengers to enter delivery vehicles is a violation of Amazon policy, and the driver is no longer delivering packages to Amazon customers,” a representative told TMZ.

The video attracted nearly 26,000 comments with reactions like: “So, why is my package always late?”

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