A decisive signal from Globo: the days are numbered with the issuance of the new law

A decisive signal from Globo: the days are numbered with the issuance of the new law

Be surprised to learn that the decisive Globo signal has its days numbered with the new law and official statement taking effect

The famous Globo TV channel, known to everyone who follows its programs daily, has a decisive sign that its days are numbered. new law In effect so that he can now bid farewell with an official statement.

The information is taken from the “G1” portal, which reported on December 11, 2023, that the federal government decided to extend the closure of the crucial open analogue television signal in more than 40 cities of Rondonia, as analogue broadcasting was closed in 32 municipalities until December 15, 2023 and in 14 other cities. The deadline has been postponed until June 2025.

According to the information, at that time, the Ministry of Communications MCom explained in a memorandum that the postponement was due to the lack of digital receivers in the municipalities where the cuts would occur, so that residents could access digital signal services with the opening of channels such as Globo, SBT, Record and others, where He said:

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