A creative helicopter sends out interesting images of sites on Mars

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He was sent to Mars to fly in the thin atmosphere of the red planet, and Helicopter ingenuity It ended up expanding its mission and providing valuable data to the team Perseverance in the rover. Now, photos of the plane’s ninth flight, made last week (5), have revealed images the team deemed “interesting” in the NASA in Earth.

The images sent by Ingenuity allow us to gain unprecedented insights into the precise extension of the layers of rock, as if each of these formations were a time capsule, tangibly showing climate changes on the surface of the planet. The voyage also revealed obstacles to overcome when exploring Jezero crater.

The color images of Ingenuity, taken from a height of about 10 meters, are able to show certain details more precisely than images sent back by the Mars Reconnaissance orbiter, which are typically used to create paths to follow on Mars. While the camera is orbiting, Highrise, details of the rocks of one meter in diameter, the helicopter photos are more accurate.

Why are portraits of finesse important?

‘High Rises’, High Peaks (Source: NASA/JPL-Caltech/Courtesy)Source: NASA/JPL-Caltech

In a statement posted on NASA’s website, Ken Williford, Project Scientist for Perseverance, said: Jata Propulsion Laboratory (JPL)Once the rover approaches a specific site to be explored, he explained, “we get Earth-scale images that we can compare to orbital images.” With the arrival of creativity, it became possible to obtain medium scale images to complete the resolution.

In this sense, the creativity presented a display of high-resolution images, which show many inscriptions on Mars, from the so-called “high elevations”, which are similar to high ridges, to a wide sand dune field, in the Jezero crater area called “Séítah”. These deep, sandy areas of the knee are a constant concern for motorists, who fear the car will stall.

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