A check signed by Steve Jobs and Woz is selling for more than $135,000

A check signed by Steve Jobs and Woz is selling for more than 5,000

We showed here, about a month ago, that A Signed check from Steve Jobs and Steve WozniakCo-founders of appleIt was sold by public auction. The document is dated March 19, 1976even before the company opened, and contains its first address, in the famous garage in Palo Alto – in addition to being the second check issued for what would become the company.

Yesterday, the check was exactly sold $135,261which is much higher than the $50,000 USD set by the auction house RR auction estimated The sale of antiquities would go up, to say the least. It is worth noting that the value of the check was originally only $116.97 (which today would be about $630 USD). 214x Less than the amount paid by the lucky person who took the relic home.

The same amount was paid for another check, also signed by Jobs and Woz, that was auctioned last year for $131,100. Checks signed by both Steves are particularly rare; According to RR Auction, expenses over $100 need approval from two partners, which is probably why the co-founders sign the check.

What’s more interesting is that writing the amount for the check leaves $16, with only “one hundred dollars” and 97 cents, so it’s possible the amount may never be deposited. The letter of credit issued by Wells Fargo Bank was intended for Ramlor, Inc., a manufacturer of printed circuit boards, possibly to purchase components for apple i.

Since it dates back to before the incorporation of the Masa company itself, it is possible that this document served as a type of check used before the issuance of the final checks, which are printed with all the data after the registration of the company and other formalities. Thus, the effect goes back to a time when it was not even known what the future of Apple would be, nor that it would achieve the success we know today.

via AppleInsider

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