A character from “Ballad of Gay Tony” returns in GTA Online

A character from “Ballad of Gay Tony” returns in GTA Online

The latest update to GTA Online gave something to talk about. In addition to bringing in the wildlife, Rockstar’s weekly update highlighted the return of Yusuf Amir, known for the DLC. The story of gay Tonyfrom GTA: Episodes of Liberty City on PS3.

The expansion was released in 2010, and focuses on Luis Fernando Lopez, the bodyguard of Anthony “Jay Tony” Prince, the owner of two nightclubs in Liberty City. In the narrative, Youssef Amir is an Arab businessman in the real estate sector, for whom a security guard performs various mysterious services.

Find out who he is:

In the GTA Online update, Amir still appears as the real estate boss and is one of the heroes of the Heist season. By talking to the criminal, it will be possible to work on a series of large-scale robberies around the city and shell out some extra GTA$ and RP. Rockstar’s website says the following:

Youssef still desires the finer pleasures in life, the greatest of which is increasing his collection of imported luxury cars at any cost. With the help of his cousin Jamal, you’ll be tasked with planning and executing complex and risky heists behind the facade of Red’s Auto Parts, a new purchasable junkyard where you decide how things turn out.

While waiting for GTA 6, GTA Online is receiving a torrent of content

Even though GTA 6 is not yet available, the Grand Theft Auto Online community continues to receive a torrent of content. Rockstar is planning to release several things for the game in December. look here!

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