‘A chance to stay in contention’

'A chance to stay in contention'


Thiago Ramos and Cheyenne Hagbin were sent off during the early hours of October 21st after a serious argument

Fazenda 14: Thiago Ramos wants to return to reality:
A Fazenda 14: Tiago Ramos wants to return to reality: “Chance” PHOTOS: Reproductions / Stories Official Instagram of the model.

Former farmer Tiago Ramos, whose participation in A Fazenda 14 (Record TV) ended after he was expelled for fighting with another participant, who also received the same punishment, is now moving the web in a campaign to demand his return to reality. . He used his social networks, at noon on Monday (14) to ask his followers for help🇧🇷

Tiago was kicked out of reality after a fight with Cheyenne Hagbin. He told his followers that he was trying, through the judiciary, to return to reality. He used Stories from his official Instagram account to Show your lawyer a video explaining the whole process🇧🇷 On Twitter, the model amassed a following and hit the trending topics.

“We are advising him about the expulsion episode. Just as the production has investigated meticulously the facts that occurred, we are also investigating, but from a legal perspective.. In a second, we have analyzed the Internet court and verified that millions of followers and fans appear to have the same meaning”says Gil Ortozai, a famous lawyer.

Thiago also asked his fans to share the post: “As you can see, I’ve reposted the Doutor Gil video, We’re reviewing everything about my package, me and my legal team”asked the former pawn in the stories. Already in the microblog, he also asked to raise the mark “Tiago is back on the farm”🇧🇷 you Participants Thiago Ramos and Shayan Hagbin were ejected during the early hours of October 21st🇧🇷 Closing date set for December 15th.

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